descriptionQuanWeb: web service layer for QuanLib
ownerChris Jaekl
last changeThu, 20 Oct 2022 02:15:42 +0000 (22:15 -0400)
2022-10-20 Chris JaeklFix bug in list search that was introduced by sort... master
2022-07-10 Chris JaeklTrim whitespace from term before searching
2022-01-24 Chris JaeklAdd ability to select sort order
2021-12-30 Chris JaeklAdd the unfetch polyfill, so that we can function on...
2021-12-30 Chris JaeklRework sizing and positioning of details pane popup.
2021-12-30 Chris JaeklFix slider max to match maximum attainable value.
2021-12-29 Chris JaeklAdjust slider to be the full width of the page.
2020-11-11 Chris JaeklUpdate field list to include `list` field.
2020-11-11 Chris JaeklRework error handling to use http.Error()
2020-04-04 Chris JaeklAdd support to query books on specified lists (of award...
2020-03-31 Chris JaeklAdd ability to search by language.
2020-03-29 Chris JaeklUpdate grunt to v1.0.4.
2019-07-16 Chris JaeklAdd Browser.js.
2018-08-11 Chris JaeklAdd a bottom slider.
2018-08-11 Chris JaeklChange sort order.
2018-01-08 Chris JaeklFixes oops (modified but not added file) from previous...
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