descriptionQuanWeb: web service layer for QuanLib
ownerChris Jaekl
last changeTue, 16 Jul 2019 04:02:34 +0000 (00:02 -0400)
2019-07-16 Chris JaeklAdd Browser.js. master
2018-08-11 Chris JaeklAdd a bottom slider.
2018-08-11 Chris JaeklChange sort order.
2018-01-08 Chris JaeklFixes oops (modified but not added file) from previous...
2018-01-08 Chris JaeklAdds unit test framework and a first unit test.
2017-11-21 Chris JaeklPrevent tooltips from displaying when the mouse is...
2017-11-20 Chris JaeklAdds config file (quanlib.ini) support.
2017-11-18 Chris JaeklRefactor search into its own controller.
2017-11-18 Chris JaeklRefactor JS into modules, and add basic MVC.
2017-11-15 Chris JaeklEnable strict mode and tweak (default) page size.
2017-11-12 Chris JaeklRun eslint on lib.js and fix problems that it spotted.
2017-11-11 Chris JaeklMake searches more inclusive.
2017-11-11 Chris JaeklAdjust tooltip behaviour.
2017-11-10 Chris JaeklAdd timeout before displaying tooltip with book details.
2017-11-08 Chris JaeklAdd slider to enable distant paging.
2017-11-07 Chris JaeklTweak html layout to improve formatting.
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