2017-11-29 Chris JaeklSwitch (back) to using the head-of-stream JaCoCo. master
2017-03-24 Chris JaeklFix and fine-tune suppress_nulls.
2017-01-07 Chris Jaeklmoves to an older version ( of JaCoCo.
2017-01-07 Chris Jaeklupdates JaCoCo to version 0.7.8, so that builds work...
2016-11-01 Chris Jaekladds support for null suppression
2016-10-31 Chris Jaekldumps the content of blobs, and reworks table formattin...
2016-10-13 Chris JaeklOpens and closes the JDBC connection for each command
2016-06-24 Chris JaeklVersion 0.1.
2016-06-22 Chris JaeklAdd "Describe" command, with support for describing...
2016-06-12 Chris Jaeklselect queries now work, and print tabular output.
2016-06-12 Chris JaeklRefactor tabular output for eventual re-use printing...
2016-06-11 Chris JaeklAdd DbDriver, with support for a few popular JDBC drivers.
2016-06-11 Chris JaeklInitial commit