Christian (Chris) Jaekl
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Current Address: 399 Sunnyside Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1S 0S3

Email: user cejaekl site

Hobby Projects

You're welcome to poke around in my Git repository. Here are a few projects that people may find useful:


I've been in the business of developing software since before the .com bubble burst, and have worked with:

My curriculum vitae and a list of references are available upon request.


I'm an alumnus of the Shad Valley Programme at Acadia University and, since 1996, I've been fortunate to have the chance to attend a number of Shad Programmes to give a little bit back to the system. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I feel that I come away with much more than I give. :) In case anyone's keeping score, here's the tally so far:

The stuff I end up talking about comes from a few good books, and a general store of experience with the ups and downs of life, the computer business, et cetera. I wrote up a reading list back in 1997, which I've pulled back from extinction courtesy of the Internet Archive's Web Wayback Machine.

In 1993-1995, I taught Computer Science (as a Teaching Assistant) at the University of Toronto. In 1998, I spent some time delivering C/C++ 3D graphics programming training using what was then Visible Decisions, Inc.'s In3D class libraries. Some years later, I exorcised my didactic urges by advising network, system and database administrators how to plan, configure and administer web-based knowledge management software.


I enjoy seeing different places, seeing how other people live, hearing other's perspectives, and generally getting away from it all. In the summer of 1998, I took a few months off and drove to three corners of North America. You can read about that trip here.

Between August 2000 and February 2003, I had a job that involved a fair degree of travel, boarding a plane or intercity train on average once every 4 days. I kept an online Chris Jaekl locator to allow people to track my travels.

Other Links

You can find my Masters' Thesis here. Don't laugh--bits of the material described therein have found a practical application in JProbe Threadalyzer, a commercial thread-analysis tool, and I cherish the hope that someone else might also want to read it <grin>.

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