2022-01-24 Chris JaeklAdd `arrived` attribute (file creation timestamp) to... master
2020-12-30 Chris JaeklMulti-thread the parsing of books to speed up loading.
2020-04-04 Chris JaeklAdd support to cross-reference books against list of...
2020-03-29 Chris JaeklAdd language to book data.
2020-03-28 Chris JaeklRework book using attr_accessor
2020-03-14 Chris JaeklAdd a simple test for Book
2020-03-14 Chris JaeklHousekeeping: remove commented-out code.
2020-03-14 Chris JaeklHousekeeping.
2019-07-12 Chris JaeklRework store_test.rb using rspec
2019-07-09 Chris JaeklUse attr_reader for Cover.path.
2019-07-08 Chris JaeklAdd extract.rb: extract library books to .txt (for...
2019-07-08 Chris JaeklHandle a few extra edge cases when parsing epubs.
2017-12-05 Chris JaeklTrack SQL statement execution times, so that they can...
2017-12-05 Chris JaeklMinor change to oclc lookup heuristic.
2017-11-19 Chris JaeklMake db params and path configurable via quanlib.ini.
2017-07-07 Chris JaeklImproves handling of non-fiction classification data.
2017-07-04 Chris JaeklAdd DDC and LCC info to book headers in page display.
2017-06-28 Chris JaeklAdd support for classification of non-fiction books.
2017-06-24 Chris JaeklAdd support for PDF (with .jpeg cover).
2017-06-11 Chris JaeklRefactors navigation page generation. Adds navigation...
2017-06-09 Chris JaeklAdds support for tracking series and generating pages...
2017-05-31 Chris JaeklRefactor page generations, and add hard-coded series...
2017-05-26 Chris JaeklStart support for reading data back from the database.
2017-05-16 Chris JaeklFixes minor bug with html output of author's name.
2017-05-15 Chris JaeklStores book metadata to PostgreSQL database.
2017-02-28 Chris JaeklImprove metadata extraction from epubs, and clean up...
2017-02-25 Chris JaeklImprove HTML formatting. Handle more variants of EPUB.
2017-02-24 Chris JaeklCreate a basic html output, to validate that we're...
2017-02-24 Chris JaeklParse .epub files to extract metadata and cover image.
2017-02-23 Chris JaeklAdd README
2017-02-23 Chris JaeklTrack filename in book
2017-02-23 Chris JaeklInitial commit